Sunday, 22 August 2010

Europlanet's been blogging from Mars (or as close as you can get on Earth)!

Europlanet has a Transnational Access activity that allows scientists to access state-of-the-art planetary research facilities in other European countries.  As part of this programme, Europlanet funds field trips to planetary analogue sites - places on Earth that resemble landscapes found elsewhere in the Solar System.

We have set up dedicated blogs for some of these trips:

In May, Felipe Gómez Gómez and crew visited Chott El Jerid, a dry salt lake in Tunisia, which closely resembles areas near the Martian poles.  You can read his blog at:

Liane Benning and colleagues on a
sampling trip. Credit: D Tobler
In August, Liane Benning and Dominique Tobler went to the island Svalbard to look at how life has evolved in the snow and ice of arctic tundra and glaciers and to help them understand how life could exist on other planets in our Solar System.  You can read Liane's blog at:

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